Tuesday, 22 January 2019

7 Irritating Period Experiences Every Gal Has Had

It's safe to say that periods are one of life's biggest inconveniences for us gals. Not only do they leave us with horrible stomach cramps for a week, they restrict us in so many ways (FU motivational tampon adverts, nobody feels like moving, never mind skydiving whilst being cursed by the devil's waterfall). If that's not bad enough, every girl has experienced one of these irritating moments below whilst on the blob.

The Most Awkward Period Experiences

1. There's nothing about constantly bleeding for days on end which makes you feel attractive, so your clothes are the only thing which can salvage the situation. Too bad mother nature wants to mess that up too! Wanted to wear those super cute skinny jeans? You suddenly become super heavy and need to wear a pad bigger than your highlighter collection, great. Goodbye skinny jeans, hello baggy joggers; nobody wants to sport those "pad lines" you know all too well.

2. Whilst on the topic of clothing, wave goodbye to anything white, cream or any other light colour too. The fear of leakage and stains is too real and girls who can wear white whilst bleeding, we have mad respect for you. If you've ever had a stain in public, we feel for ya!

3. Changing your sanitary towel or tampon is never nice, especially if you're at someone else's house. But the absolute worst thing about it is when they have no bin in their bathroom. Like, where are you meant to put your wrappers/used pads/applicators and so on?! Then you have to wrap it up in half a roll of tissue, shove it up your sleeve or in a pocket and either keep it for ages or throw it away on the sly.

4. Having to leave the house whilst you're bleeding out of your vag is bad enough as it is. But there is NOTHING worse than when someone is winding you up, usually a lad, and you just snap. Then you get the whole "oooh is it your time of the month?" crap and would love nothing more than to punch them in the face.

5. Another one for the topic of changing your protection. You're sat at work or in class and all of a sudden, you sneeze. You can tell straight away you're going to need to get to the toilet ASAP. Not a problem, right? Except for the fact you have to take your bag with you to try and discreetly take your pads or tampons with you, but you just KNOW everyone knows exactly what you're doing. *Disclaimer, nobody actually knows or cares. This is not something to worry about, periods should not be a taboo topic.

6. Been sat on a seat for a while? As soon as you get up, you just gotta do that subtle glance at the chair to make sure you haven't leaked on it. One thing though, have you ever thought about what you'd do if you had? Should probably figure out a plan for that...

7. After a super long sleep, you can't wait to just get in the bath or shower and clean up, especially if you've been wearing a pad. It's all well and good until you're done though. Don't you just love that mad rush to get your protection in order before Niagra falls starts causing havoc again?!

What awkward period experiences have you had? Can you relate to these?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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