Tuesday, 22 January 2019

7 Irritating Period Experiences Every Gal Has Had

It's safe to say that periods are one of life's biggest inconveniences for us gals. Not only do they leave us with horrible stomach cramps for a week, they restrict us in so many ways (FU motivational tampon adverts, nobody feels like moving, never mind skydiving whilst being cursed by the devil's waterfall). If that's not bad enough, every girl has experienced one of these irritating moments below whilst on the blob.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Leeds Festival 2019 - August Bank Holiday Weekend

leeds festival 2018 Candid

August Bank Holiday weekend is one of the last opportunities to enjoy summer and fit in some quality time with friends before going back to the responsibilities of every day life. If you usually find yourself filled with envy caused from the consistent stream of dreamy social media updates, why not switch it up for 2019? Music festivals are a great way to let loose, whilst creating memories to treasure for years to come, and the ever-popular Leeds Festival is THE place to be...