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Interview: Millie Manders and The Shutup

Millie Manders and The Shutup Interview

Cross genre punk band Millie Manders and The Shutup are making a mark on the music industry, with their new EP 'Shutup' being released today. With 4 tracks of pure awesome mayhem, they're definitely worth looking out for. Earlier I caught up with the band brainchild Millie Manders to find out what makes them tick and discover more before they blow up big time. If you're a fan of spirited, unique beats with clever lyrics and a tireless energy, take the time to continue reading and learn what these six-piece legends are all about...

SS: A few weeks ago, you performed to the masses at Boomtown Fair Festival. What was it like?

MM: Aw, I love Boomtown. Boomtown is my favourite festival ever, closely followed by Rebellion. The crowd was amazing, it's completely immersive, everybody who works there is pretty much an actor and it's like walking around on a movie set. They have 10 or 11 districts and all of them have a different theme and it's incredible. The one we played was the ska and punk, metal area and they've changed it all up. It looks like a really old school air hangar and it's a little bit post-apocalyptic, it was really, really cool. This year they set it up so that all of the stages are really close together so you can see all of your favourite bands really easily, even if you have to leave one set to go and run to the other half of another set. It was incredible and we had the best time, I would really recommend it. 

SS: The cross-genre punk scene is a niche in modern music, with not a lot of popular artists slaying the genre. What inspired you to take a leap of faith into it?

MM: I think it's just because I'm so hellbent on writing music that I love rather than music that fits a mold. At the end of the day, we still fit within the punk scene, the ska punk scene, the pop punk scene and we've got hundreds of friends and we get loads of gigs. We get to tour in so many different scenes and we have such a good time with that. Whilst yes, we are cross-genre but we still have a real punk vibe to everything that we do, whether it's a social commentary or the vibe of our music. Cross-genre for us is just about the influences we have as a band and about each individual being able to put in what they love about music into something that is fairly bracketed. 

SS: Your new EP gets released on Friday, what can we expect and where do you hope the release will take you?

MM: I think this is truly the most cross-genre that we've gone. It's got influences from jazz and soul, from hip-hop, from dance music, from ska, there's some metal influences in there as well. It's also quite pop produced as well which I love! I love the fact it's got all the raw edge and the energy of it being live. What do I hope that it's going to do for us? I hope that people will finally hear what we feel is us live, that's our main hope for this EP that people will hear it and go "Yeah, I want to go and see that band live" or "Yes, I want to have them at our venue or our event" and that kind of thing. From a business perspective, I'd quite like to see if we can get publishing from it and synced to a few things because I think it's got that kind of element to it and it can be placed quite easily, not just on a stage or on a radio. My hope for it is that people finally see what we what we have been hearing our entire time as a band, getting that energy and that vibe and enjoy the mix of genres which we have in there.

SS: The video for 'One That Got Away' was released on Monday. What was the thought process behind the concept?

MM: I wanted to really have a simple video that told the story of the song without getting too complexed. The song is about a very badly ended relationship, a really hurtful relationship and about focusing on the fact that you don't deserve it, you're way better than that and actually, they're going to see you for the powerful person that you are and you're going to be the one that got away. I felt that in order to do that, we needed to have a simple concept with just inflictions between the two actors which we had creating that, it was then more focus on word and on song than it would be on creating this massive backstory. 

SS: If you could support any band to go on tour with, who would you choose and why?

MM: Can I only choose one? Oh, erm, there's so many for varying reasons. If I absolutely had to just choose one, I would probably go with Enter Shikari. Their energy, their song writing, their live performance, their production, their lighting, their platforms in the middle of audiences, just everything about it. Not only are they an incredible band, not only are they incredible musicians, I would learn so much from who they are and what they do. It would just have everything for me. 

SS: Your upcoming tour dates are going to keep you on your toes, busy on the road until a few days before Christmas. During such a busy time for live shows, what do you offer during a performance that people won't catch anywhere else?

MM: I don't think that's a really easy question to answer! I think a lot of bands strive to be able to do what we do. I like to be able to interact with the audience as much as possible, get out in to the audience, jump up on tables, get people involved and things like that. I have a radio mic on purpose so I can run out into audiences and have a skank and dance. My band do the same a lot of the time too! We're just really high energy, really party focused, whilst at the same time focusing on delivering a high quality performance. 

SS: Depending on the success of your awesome new EP, can fans keep their eyes peeled for a full studio album?

MM: That's what we're aiming for. That is in the not-so long term plan for the band! We've already got writing sessions booked in so depending on how well they go, and obviously how fast we can do that booked around tour schedule and all the rest of it that we're doing at the moment. So yeah, we want to do a full studio album and we are trying to plan in how to do that as quickly but also as high quality as we possibly can. 

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