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Bone Crew: EP Review

Bone Crew EP Review

Introduced by the king of not giving a fuck, Fronz from Attila has teamed up with US-based rapper DaBoiJ to bring us trap metal band, Bone Crew. Taking a leap into an extremely unexplored music genre, it blends heavy metal, hardcore elements and lyrics with a frenzied trap beat. Despite being an acquired taste for music fans, it's quickly been well-received making it's mark on the worldwide charts securing a place in the top 10 albums for hip-hop/trap. 

Key Information:

Artist: Bone Crew
Album: Bone Crew EP
Release Date: 03/08/2018
Genre: Trap Metal, Rapcore
Similar Artists: Attila, Scarlxrd
Recommended Tracks: Back It Up, Welcome To The Bone Crew

Starting with Welcome To The Bone Crew, this hard-hitting track features some pretty sick screaming from Fronz and pretty much does exactly what it says in the title. Not only does it introduce the band to the music scene, the lyrics quickly sum up the guys in a nutshell - get drunk, party and do whatever the hell you want. Giving a fairly accurate first impression of what to expect, it's sure to make a permanent stamp in the industry, uniting two contrasting genres which would usually be separated with power, determination and confidence. 

Back It Up was the first track to be released as a surprise announcement for the Bone Crew project on social media, just a week before the EP release. Rapidly building momentum for fans of the artists, hype was created instantly from this catchy tune. With fulfilling screams, harsh vocals and satisfying rap, it perfectly fits together regardless of the juxtaposition. This smoothly transitions into Wdgaf ft Lil Toenail. Unlike the first two songs, the blend of vocals is more isolated, focusing on rap in the verses with a chorus heavily-orientated around metal. Even though the sounds are somewhat separated, there is no doubt that it bridges the gap between music styles.

Real Ones Only and Tunnel Vision are the heaviest tracks on the EP, with a similar tempo and tone. It appears to be a common opinion amongst fans that these aren't the strongest tracks in the album, however they each boast a unique niche undeniable by even the harshest of critics. Featuring a deep bass and a striking, melodic rhythm, the two songs have potential to boom and achieve an unexpected appreciation. Personally, I feel that it's safe to say anyone who is drawn to alternative music, in whichever form, should give Bone Crew a chance. 

You can check out the EP by clicking here.


star rating 3 and a half stars album EP review

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