Friday, 13 July 2018

Why It's Important To Evaluate Your Fucks

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Giving a fuck. Honestly, it's completely exhausting and can leave you drained and wanting to run away from everything, especially if you're an empathetic person who tries to help everyone. Before you get to that point in life, it's important to evaluate your fucks and I can guarantee that life will become a whole lot easier...

1: Your Amount of Fucks is Limited

Despite what you may think, everybody has a fuck budget no matter how much you care about helping others. Its common to feel guilty or selfish if you refuse to help somebody, but the old saying 'You can't help others until you help yourself' is true. Even with the best intentions at heart, your advice and help may end up misguided. 

Prevent yourself from burning out by paying attention to where your energy is being used and cut out unnecessary drama, anything with little lasting impact on your life and ultimately, only focus on things that are genuinely worth giving a fuck about. 


2: It Does NOT Mean You Don't Care

In all seriousness, who actually cares if your mate has smashed their phone screen for the 8th time this year or someone has been fired yet again because they couldn't be arsed to show up to work after going out on the piss? The answer is no-one (well, maybe them. But that still doesn't make it your problem). Just because you don't make everybody else's problems your own, it doesn't make you a bad person and it doesn't mean that you don't care. Life is hard enough as it is with your own problems, without taking on every other minor inconvenience that doesn't really concern you. Simply focus on your own shit and fuck everything else. 


3: Not Everyone Deserves Your Help

You could quite literally be the most kind, caring, down to earth person on the planet and still end up getting fucked over. Unfortunately, not everybody is quite as nice as you might hope and will drain every single bit of energy you have. These negative time-wasters would never even consider going out of their way for you so why bother? Yes, it's sometimes nice to offer out help without wanting anything in return, but that's what charities are for. Donate some dollar and move the fuck on.


4: Ignore Self-Entitled Snowflakes

Linking into my previous point, some people just don't deserve your help. Especially those who feel entitled to everything just because they've been a spoilt brat from a young age. Everyone has problems and some people have a lot more stress in their life at certain points, but that does not give them the automatic right to take over yours. Nobody is entitled to special treatment just because they kicked up a fuss. "What did your last slave die of?" - ask that, watch them get ridiculously defensive and you're good to go. 


5: Focus On Values

Sometimes, you're giving fucks to something that are literally unfixable. Occasionally, this worry comes in the form of anxiety, but more often than not it's simply a case of having shitty values. So many people value being right, personal pleasure or material success over relationships with those around them. If you find yourself surrounded by those who don't think twice about bringing you down to boost their own confidence, kick them to the curb. Friends, family, colleagues? It doesn't matter, positivity needs to be at the forefront of your life. You got this.


How do you evaluate your fucks? 
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