Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mental Health: Dealing With Stress

mental health dealing with stress

Whether you're stressed from exams, work or any other reason, it's not great for you or the people around you. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help ease stress and calm the mind for better mental well-being. Below, I've put together a few of the best ways I use to deal with stress, so hopefully they'll help you too!

Take A Break

If something is stressing you out, taking a breather can work miracles. Either grab a snack and a hot drink or take a quick walk and let yourself calm down. When you go back to whatever you were doing, you'll find it a lot easier to concentrate and get back to the task at hand. Just make sure to not overwork yourself and you may be surprised at how much more productive you are!

Don't Drink Alcohol

As much as you may think alcohol calms you down, it actually does the complete opposite. As a depressant, alcohol damages your mental health, causing you to feel more stressed and less able to deal with it in the long run. Just because it makes you feel better at the time, it's best to avoid drinking so you can experience the long-term benefits on your mental health of an alcohol avoidance lifestyle.

Accept Things You Can't Change

By stressing over something which you cannot change, you're simply setting yourself up for failure. Accepting that you cannot change something and letting it go will take a huge weight off of your shoulders, therefore improving your mental health. Chances are that you won't even remember why you were so stressed a few months later.


Making the effort to get moving can do wonders for melting stress. Whether you go to the gym, go for a swim, a run or jog, bike ride, quick walk or something else, your mind will become much more refreshed. You don't have to do an intense workout for this to work, so just do what you're comfortable with and reap the benefits in your daily life afterwards! 

What are your top tips for dealing with stress?

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