Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Power of Clickbait...

the power of clickbait

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I had quite a shocking experience at the Beauty Bay event yesterday. I've had tonnes of great feedback from others who were at the event who agreed with my opinion and were glad that the anger that they felt was heard. However, some people who weren't there didn't quite understand how bad the event was. To get the message across, I decided to do a little experiment and used a ridiculous clickbait title which myself and Lyndsay came up with on the way back home. Here's what I found out...

What Happens With Clickbait?

First of all, you get a hell of a lot more traffic to your site. Who cares if it was a bit of an exaggeration? At least I'm not buying fake followers on my social media channels. Second of all, you're get to hear some pretty mean comments. Even though I know clickbait can be annoying, I was interested to see how much of a difference it really makes to a post's engagement (and in case you're wondering, it's a lot).
If I had chosen to use a mediocre title which gives away everything, it wouldn't have performed as well as it did. The title I chose sparked discussion, I received messages from several people who informed me of their health issues which were affected by the event and I was quite shocked how much some people went through just to be there. 

What Actually Happened?

No, Beauty Bay did not physically try to kill me. Trust me, if they did I would be chatting with the police and a lawyer right now, not to people on social media. However, little care was provided in terms of health and welfare of attendees. For such a large scale event, there should have been paramedics nearby and the whole thing needed to be organised a lot better. 

Now going back to what I mentioned earlier, I read some pretty mean comments which I think need to be addressed on a wider scale. Honestly, I'm quite a stubborn, argumentative person and it took a lot not to respond to the comments straight away, but I think it's important to provide a proper explanation. I've taken a few which I found to be particularly rude and decided to respond below:

"You need psychiatric help!"

Well, first of all I am already trying to get some for some reasons which I don't need to share, but thanks for the concern. However, what happened at that event has nothing to do with my mental health and neither does what I wrote in my blog, so this is just ridiculous. NEXT.

"Where's the proof of the girl with Cystic Fibrosis?"

Here ya go hun, you're welcome!

beauty bay manchester event complaint cystic fibrosis

"Why didn't you buy one of the overpriced sandwiches?"

When the bags were searched, all food and drinks were taken out as we weren't allowed to take anything consumable inside. So even if anyone did buy anything to take in, they would have had it taken away from them and left to queue inside for a further two hours or longer anyway.

"Why did you even bother going with all of those health problems?"

Just because somebody has a problem, it doesn't mean they should let it affect their lives. We all want to live a fun life and get to do things. With a guarantee to meet them, of course people are going to go, despite their issues. Even if we did get to meet them after queuing for all that time, we would have still been in pain, but it's upsetting knowing that people wasted so much time just to be disappointed.

On top of all this, I've also been told to get hit by a bus, to go and kill myself alongside all sorts of horrible things. If anything is over the top, that is! I wonder if those people realise that if I actually harmed myself, they could be held accountable... 

P.S. Thanks to the girl who stated that it was a satire post, at least someone get's it instead of losing their shit!

Thanks for everyone who got in touch to let me know their experiences of the day, I was utterly shocked with some of the comments! Super sorry to hear about everyone else who was turned away.

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