Monday, 9 January 2017

Why I Began Blogging

why I began blogging

Back in August 2015, I managed to land myself an amazing apprenticeship working as a Social Media Marketing Assistant. Throughout the following months, my team evolved and changed quite dramatically, naturally resulting in a little bit of a job change, one of which I couldn't be happier with. Around this time, I was asked to attempt to write a blog post for one of our websites, helping me to discover how much I enjoyed writing. My role gradually became more content focused and before I knew it, I was writing blog posts every day. However, that's just the beginning of the story...

What Happened Next?

Of course, I wanted to continue developing my writing skills, so I started reading some blogs written by bloggers around my age to see what worked, what was engaging etc. After reading so many blogs, chatting to a few bloggers online and in person and really getting a feel for the blogging world, I wanted in. I enjoyed writing at work, I loved the thought of having my own space on the internet to do whatever I wanted with so I thought 'why not? I love doing this so lets make it happen'. 

The following Saturday, I switched on my laptop, opened up blogger and started staring blankly at what looked like the worst website in the world, not having a clue what to do. 6 hours and 5 million google searches later, I managed to create what looked a lot more like a blog, which I've continued to develop by purchasing my own domain name and an aesthetically pleasing blog theme (as apposed to bloggers free themes which I just could not work with.) I wrote a bulk of blog posts, took some pictures and got them published as quickly as I could. I soon realised how bad my photos were and began trying to improve them, along with everything else. 

Learning The Confusing Bits

Any blogger will know that there's a lot more behind what you see on a live website than you will ever realise. From simply knowing how to make a site look decent to understanding basic SEO, building up that knowledge can be so confusing.  Luckily, thanks to my job I got a little bit of training so I could understand how things work. Obviously I'm still learning now, as things change so quickly, but that extra background knowledge really helped me. Anything I'm not sure of, I usually try and figure it out via Google and I love the satisfying feeling of being able to make these things work! It's strange to think that this all started from being inspired by my job, it's incredible.

Have you got a blog? Why did you decide to begin blogging? How did you learn all the fiddly bits behind the scenes? 

Give me all the details, I want to know!

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