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17 Things I Want To Achieve in 2017

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New Year seems to be a time where everybody decides to change and give things up. Sadly, no matter how motivational these resolutions can be, they are usually given up on less than a month into the year. I want to be able to add to my life and achieve quite a few things throughout 2017 so I'm writing them down to help me keep track! Below I have a list of 17 things I want to achieve in the next year and fingers crossed, I will be writing a positive round up post in a year to confirm I've done it!

17 Goals To Achieve in 2017

1: Pass my Driving Test

I've been learning to drive for quite a while and as much as I enjoy lessons with my instructor, I just want to be able to drive myself! Having a full license will give me so much more freedom (and my 7am on a Monday morning back, no more early morning lessons!)

2: Have a Car

Of course, after getting my license, I need to be able to get a car. I've been saving for a while so I can get one and hopefully insure it too. As soon as I get a car I can do some of the driving so Matt isn't always the one driving us everywhere! 

3: Go on Holiday Abroad

Since 2008 or 2009, the only holidays I have been on were in the UK. I am desperate to be able to sprawl out on a hot sandy beach and explore a new country. Not only that, I seriously want a natural tan!

4: Pass My Apprenticeship

I've been on an apprenticeship since August 2015 and in October 2017, I will have completed it. Not only do I want to pass for the qualifications, I really want to get a full time job with the same company once it's complete. I adore my whole team and my job and being able to take a permanent role and responsibility sounds so exciting!

5: Build Up My Blog

By the end of 2017, I will have had this blog for nearly two years. This first year I haven't put in as much effort as I could due to numerous reasons, but I'd love to really build it up and create something which I can be even more proud of. By improving photography to writing more and updating the overall appearance, I just know I can do it and it will be so worthwhile.

6: Have a Healthy Savings Account

A few months back, I FINALLY set up a savings account! I've been saving like mad for a car, insurance and a holiday but once I've got those things, I want to have money in the bank ready for whatever big investment I want to make next. Having cash to fall back on is always important and I'm determined to make sure I do. 

7: Improve My Mental Health

I've been working on this one for a few years now, but I really want to just gain full control over my personality once and for all. Mental health has been a huge struggle for a long time now and I'm sick to death of letting it win; it's time for me to get back in the driving seat. No more battles, I'm sorting it.

8: Go Swimming At Least Once a Month

When I was younger, I used to swim around 3 times a week and really enjoyed it. Around Year 10 in High School, I stopped going and although I don't miss training anymore, I do enjoy going for a casual swim. After realising how little I actually go, I want to make an effort to go at least once a month during 2017. (I never do any exercise so this is a huge start!)

9: Get Involved in Charity

During November, I decided to start a small charity project at work, creating goody bags for teenagers staying in a local Mental Health hospital to brighten up Christmas a little bit for them. A couple of the other apprentices at work got involved and we made enough for everyone at the hospital, with over £100 worth of products in each bag! It was an amazing feeling being able to personally drop the bags off. In 2017, I want to ensure I actively get involved in charity to help out where I can!

10: Try Something New

Growing up, I was always a shy and anxious person, causing me to stick to my comfort zones and never venture out. For the New Year, I want to force myself to try something new each month to avoid getting stuck in a rut, build character and enjoy myself along the way.

11: Be More Organised

As one of those people who purchases a diary, never uses it after 3 days of having it and pretty much wings everything, I need to sort my organisation skills out, bad. I've purchased a diary, actually populated a blog planner and began writing posts already so I'm well on my way!

12: Make More Art

Being a creative person who enjoys painting and drawing, I used to be scribbling away in a sketch book during most of my free time. These days, I've really gotten into the habit of getting distracted by funny videos instead (yep, I'm talking about you, goal No.13). If I can aim to complete 2 paintings and one drawing a month, I know it will help to improve my mental health and make me feel a whole lot less lazy!

13: Spend Less Time on Social Media

As just mentioned, I get SO distracted by social media all of the time. A quick 'check' on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram turns into a 5 hour scrolling session until I go to bed. 2017 is going to be the year I break that habit as I'm not wasting any more huge chunks of my life watching videos of sleeping puppies, no matter how cute they are.

14: Stay in a Hot Tub Lodge

Having a couple of nights staying in a gorgeous lodge with a private, bubbling hot tub is my idea of true bliss. I've tried booking before, but they're just either too expensive, or don't accept bookings for people under 21! Luckily, Matt will turn 21 this year so we won't have to deal with that issue... hot tub lodge, here I come.

15: Take More Photos

There are so many times I look back on and wish I took more photos of, so it's time to fix that. From now on, I'm taking pictures of everything I can so I have memories to look back on in physical form. The clip on phone lenses have been ordered so I have no excuse! 

16: Visit London

Everyone around me seems to have been to London so many times, but I've just never been! I feel as though visiting the capital of the country I live in is pretty important, so it's time to get that checked off the list too. If I can squeeze in a visit to Harry Potter World too whilst I'm there then bonus points!

17: Work Through the Bucket List

Around 4 years ago, I began making a bucket list board over on Pinterest. Of course, there are some things on there I don't want to achieve until I'm older, but there are tonnes of things I could do this year! I want to mark off at least 5 things from the list this year and if I can do that, I'll be pretty content.

What are your goals to achieve in 2017? I'd love to know!

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