Monday, 7 November 2016

Hickory's Smokehouse: Chester

Hickory's Smokehouse Chester

Last week marked mine and Matt's first year together as a couple. To celebrate, after several arguments over where to go, we decided to book a table at Hickory's Smokehouse in Chester. As neither of us had been to any of the Hickory's chain restaurants, we weren't sure what to expect, but we definitely were surprised...

Hickory's Smokehouse, The Restaurant

As soon as we entered through the doors, we were taken straight to our table, then brought a complimentary large bottle of water and bag of popcorn. The waitress asked if we had dined there previously and asked if we would like to be talked through the menu. She gave us some personal recommendations and the opinions of other diners to try and help us to decide on what we wanted. We were then left to decide whilst she got our drinks.

Hickory's Smokehouse Chester Popcorn

After spending a whilst reading and re-reading the menu, I opted for the Hickory's Burger (tripled, because why not, right?!) and Matt chose the XXXL Roadhouse Burger. We ordered, waited around five minutes then these absolute beauties were brought over to our table.

The Hickory's Smokehouse Burgers

Hickory's Smokehouse, the Hickory's Burger

Because I'm a fussy bugger, I asked for mine without the coleslaw, cheese and sauces and it honestly didn't even need it. Within my first bite of my burger, I knew it was good quality beef and it was so big, I felt sick by the last three bites but it tasted too good so I forced it in. By the end of our meal, I could barely move and couldn't eat all of my chips, no matter how delicious my food was. Matt's burger is shown at the top of this blog post and the only two issues he had was that a) there was no mayonnaise in his coleslaw and b) we hadn't visited here earlier.

Overall, there are four Hickory's restaurants and if you're lucky enough to live near one, book yourself a table as soon as you can! Just make sure you book in plenty of time as we booked on a Monday, ready for the Tuesday and there were only two table bookings left for the day! I'm never usually a fan of smoked food and this place had me in food heaven, so I can't NOT recommend this place to you! There really isn't much more to say... JUST GO RIGHT NOW. 

Have you ever been to Hickory's? How was it? 

Let me know in the comments section below, I'd love to know what you thought!

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