Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Melt In Your Mouth Experience: York's Chocolate Story

York Chocolate Story

The final bank holiday weekend of the year before Christmas called for one thing: a weekend away with Matt in York. With so many tourist attractions and picturesque sites, it was an easy choice to make and one of the main attractions which caught my eye was York's Chocolate Story. Of course, everyone knows I have a serious sweet tooth so when we were offered a tour around, we couldn't say no and I'm so glad we went! Thinking of going on a guided tour yourself? Here's everything you need to know...

The Tour

York Chocolate Story Tour

After waiting for the tour to start (we were too excited and arrived super early), we got into a lift and went down to where we were greeted by our tour guide, Lee. He proceeded to tell us a couple of facts and asked us all what our favourite chocolate bars were. We got to try samples of Fry's original formula chocolate and moved on throughout the rooms, trying different types of chocolate and learning about the history of confectionery. Our tour guide was really  engaging and funny and made literally everything sound interesting!

The Interactive Room

York Chocolate Story Tour

I was in absolute awe as soon as I walked into this room, it reminded me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! We learnt how chocolate is made, got to try how the different stages taste, make white chocolate lollipops and watch the truffles being made for the shop! Instead of boring you with words, I'll show you instead...

York Chocolate Story Tour

York Chocolate Story Tour cocoa tin

York Chocolate Story Tour cocoa tin details

York Chocolate Story Tour

York Chocolate Story Tour making lollipops

York Chocolate Story Tour truffle making demonstration

York Chocolate Story Tour chocolate lollipops
These lollipops we made tasted delicious!
If you ever visit York, make sure to take a guided tour of York's Chocolate Story, it really is a melt in your mouth experience! Just make sure to book a few weeks in advance on the website here as they get booked super quickly!

*Our places on the tour were gifted by PR.

Have you been on a York's Chocolate Story guided tour? What did you think?

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  1. O_O Oh my God! This place is Heaven! I haven't been there, but I want to. One day, maybe. If I have enough money.

    1. You definitely should, it's lovely! The whole city is lovely and not to expensive either!