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How to Pass Your Driving Theory Test First Time

How To Pass Your Driving Theory Test First Time

One of the biggest milestones in your life is learning to drive. However, as exciting as it may be, it can be really expensive. Alongside the price of weekly lessons and a provisional driver's licence, you also have to pay to sit both parts of the driving test which adds up to a whopping £87! Knowing this, you ideally want to pass your tests first time to avoid paying out even more, but what do you do when you don't want to shell out on revision apps, books and interactive DVD's? Luckily for you, you don't need to pay a penny and still pass first time!

I'm Guilty!

Before I start feeding you information, it's probably best that I talk through my own personal experience. I booked my driving theory test 8 weeks in advance to give myself plenty of time to learn the material, downloaded the Bill Plant app as advised by my driving instructor and occasionally practiced questions about twice a week, always failing. Three days before my theory test, I panicked and realised that I needed to get my act together, otherwise I was sure to fail. I spent around 13 hours over that weekend revising with the below tips and passed first time with ease! I can't guarantee that you'll pass first time but if you try, I definitely have faith in you!

Step 1: Practice Questions

Rather than buying an expensive disc or app, I used this website. I continued to practice each individual test until I passed it with 100%, then moved onto the next one. It's completely free and all of the questions you get wrong go into a bank which you can go through later on. Using this strategy will force your brain to memorise the answers so it doesn't have to sit the same test with the same questions over and over again, therefore helping you remember necessary information for the test. After completing all of the practice tests, I used the 'DVLA Theory Test Stimulator' at the bottom and when I passed this first time, I felt incredibly prepared. 

Step 2: Hazard Perception

Personally, I found the Hazard Perception part of the test quite simple but I used this test stimulator to sharpen my reaction times. One thing I especially liked about this particular site is that after completing the series of videos, it gives you a breakdown of the hazards and what you scored for each one. Make sure to click for any hazards even if they aren't developing just yet as you don't know which one you'll get marked on until the hazard develops! 

Step 3: Extra Tips

Finally, there are a few other things to do other than practice the tests themselves to make sure you're in the best possible state for your test;
  • Go to sleep early - Even though you'll want to sit up all night revising, you're more likely to remember things if you get an early night so you're well rested for your test. Nobody wants to fall asleep whilst sitting it!
  • Eat breakfast - Make sure to have something to eat the morning of your test, even if it is just a piece of toast. This will ensure that you're not distracted by your stomach and hunger during the test.
  • Leave early - If you're using public transport, get the bus or train before you need to just in case the other is late or gets stuck in traffic. If you're driving then leave a little earlier than you need to allow for traffic or parking issues. This way, you have plenty of time to settle before your test and know that you won't be late, instantly failing and losing your money!
  • Use the practices - When you're sitting your test, before each part starts you have the option to do some practices. These will allow you to get used to how it works so you can be 100% on what you're doing during the actual questions.
  • Double check your answers - After answering all of the questions, go back and quickly check through your answers to make sure you haven't fallen for a trick question or accidentally hit the wrong button (that one question you needed to change could be the difference between passing and failing)!
Good luck with your driving theory test and please let me know if you passed!

How did you revise for your driving theory test? Did you pass first time?

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