Saturday, 6 August 2016

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Cheshire

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Cheshire

After trying to stop myself from eating out as much (it's so expensive), my terrible willpower caused me to yet again spend more money on food. However, I can get away with it this time as it was for Matt's birthday! Dining here made me realise that it would be a sin not to write about it! Whether you're looking for somewhere to eat as a nice treat or planning a meal for a special occasion, Miller & Carter Steakhouse should definitely be considered an option.

Miller & Carter, The Restaurant

First of all, I need to acknowledge the atmosphere of the restaurant. It was peaceful, calm and incredibly clean with a homely vibe. We were greeted and shown to our table by a lovely waitress and left to choose from the menu whilst she brought us our drinks. Even though Miller & Carter Steakhouse specialise in steak (obviously!), there were other options on the menu including chicken, burgers and vegetarian dishes. 

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Cheshire Menu

We both spent a good while trying to decide what to pick from the 'For the Love of Steak' section and opted for the 12oz Ribeye Steak. One thing I found useful on the menu is under each steak description, it had a recommendation of how it is best cooked to help you to make an informed decision when ordering. 12oz Ribeye Steak recommended to be cooked medium but I chose for it to be medium-rare. Each steak also comes with seasoned fries, balsamic beef tomato, a lettuce wedge with choice of salad dressing, a slice of onion loaf and steak sauce with parsley butter. 

The Steak

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Cheshire 12oz Ribeye Steak

Along with my steak, I chose to not have the lettuce wedge, any dressings, onion loaf or tomato (sorry, I'm boring) but ordered a side of broccoli with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese. I can honestly say with full confidence that this was one of the nicest meals I have ever eaten. The broccoli was cooked to perfection, the steak was so flavoursome and tender and the fries weren't dried out in the slightest. Before ordering, I was debating whether to order a dessert but it really is a good job I didn't as I never would have fit it in, I was well and truly stuffed! 

I would seriously recommend a visit to one of the Miller & Carter Steakhouse restaurants as soon as possible, it's 1 million percent worth the money. Overall, our bill came to £48.12 including drinks which was more than reasonable for the quality of the treatment and food which we received. 

Have you ever visited Miller & Carter Steakhouse or planning to in the near future? What would you order?

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  1. I've eaten here before aswell it's really nice I must go again soon!

    1. Is that because you were with me on this exact visit by any chance? Haha!