Sunday, 14 August 2016

#BeautyMyths: The Budget Edition

Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette and highlighter

Treating yourself to expensive makeup is always fun, until you have two weeks to go until you get paid and a painfully low bank balance... The easiest way to combat this is to purchase cheaper products from different brands but sadly, not all budget options live up to your expectations. When this happens, you find yourself wishing that you just bought your usual go-to beauty product. Hopefully, my reviews will be able to advise people on which products to purchase and make a wise decision! This time, I tried out the Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette and Freedom Pro Highlight Glow.

About the Brand

Freedom Cosmetics are available exclusively to Superdrug and price similarly to Miss Sporty, making them easily affordable. After popping into the Crewe store, I found the Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette and Highlighter which I just had to pick up and test out. The range includes setting sprays, lipsticks, highlighters, contour sticks and more so you should definitely pop into your local store and have a browse! Anyway, onto the review...

Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette

Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette

First of all, I was intrigued by the sheer size of the Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette so I opened it up in the shop to have a look. It includes 12 different shadow shades, a brow wax and brow highlighter to enhance the shape along with 4 brow shaping guides and an application brush.

Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette

Priced at just £10, this brow kit is more expensive than my current brow pencil which costs me £5.49 but this kit will last me an awful lot longer and has all of the products needed to complete my look in one convenient palette. Results of using the Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette are at the bottom of the post. I was seriously impressed with this palette and it only took a few minutes to do my eyebrows!

Freedom Pro Highlight Glow

Freedom Pro Highlight Glow

As you can see from the photo, the Freedom Pro Highlight Glow is extremely pigmented. The amount of product on my finger is from one sweep on the product and it blends really nicely. For only £3, it is definitely a bargain which I will be purchasing from now on. It has earned a place in my makeup regime and you can see the finished result in the picture below.

Overall I would recommend taking a look at the Freedom range in your local Superdrug store and test out some products. You never know, you may find a product to replace one of your current pricier products! Hint: pick up the highlighter, it's out-of-this-world.

Have you tried the Freedom range? What budget products would you recommend? 

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