Sunday, 14 August 2016

#BeautyMyths: The Budget Edition

Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette and highlighter

Treating yourself to expensive makeup is always fun, until you have two weeks to go until you get paid and a painfully low bank balance... The easiest way to combat this is to purchase cheaper products from different brands but sadly, not all budget options live up to your expectations. When this happens, you find yourself wishing that you just bought your usual go-to beauty product. Hopefully, my reviews will be able to advise people on which products to purchase and make a wise decision! This time, I tried out the Freedom Pro HD Brow Palette and Freedom Pro Highlight Glow.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Cheshire

Miller & Carter Steakhouse Cheshire

After trying to stop myself from eating out as much (it's so expensive), my terrible willpower caused me to yet again spend more money on food. However, I can get away with it this time as it was for Matt's birthday! Dining here made me realise that it would be a sin not to write about it! Whether you're looking for somewhere to eat as a nice treat or planning a meal for a special occasion, Miller & Carter Steakhouse should definitely be considered an option.