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The Cottage Loaf: Llandudno

the cottage loaf llandudno

During my weekend away in Llandudno, I had booked a table months before at a little pub/restaurant called The Cottage Loaf which was situated just around the corner from our hotel, The Wilton (check it out!) I had previously visited The Cottage Loaf twice before and had an overall good experience so I decided to go back. With the brilliant reputation it upholds, it's really important to book a table quite far in advance as all of the tables are always reserved. Anyway, enough of my waffling, it's time to talk about the part you're here for, the food!

The Cottage Loaf, Menu and Table

the cottage loaf llandudno

Upon arrival, we were shown to our cute little table which was in the quietest corner of the pub and we got our drinks. After we got our drinks, we weren't made to feel rushed in the slightest about ordering food. When you've decided what you want, you go up to the bar to order which is good as sometimes when your waiter or waitress keeps approaching the table, you feel pressured to quickly make a decision. Of course, we spent a while staring at the menu trying to choose which of the meals sounded the most amazing.

the cottage loaf llandudno menu
the cottage loaf llandudno menu

The first thing which I noticed whilst looking at the menu before trying to decide on food was the fact that it had been printed especially for the day. I was quite pleased about this as sometimes I choose things from a menu to become disappointed when they state that they don't make it on certain days or that they've discontinued making it. In the end, I opted for the steak and ale pie with mashed potatoes and gravy (yeah, it sounds way more posh on the menu but it's like 5 million words long, haha.) Matt chose the gourmet steak burger and both of our meals came surprisingly quickly (thankfully!)

The Cottage Loaf, The Meal

the cottage loaf llandudno steak and ale pie

First of all, I'm going to chat about my meal. When it arrived I was extremely impressed with the presentation, especially the way which the mash had been placed on the plate. Once I began eating it, i fell in love. Everything was cooked to perfection and the portions are more than enough. The gravy was thick and full of flavour, the broccoli was perfectly al dente and the main thing - I was shocked at the size of the slice of pie! It was packed full with meat, the pastry wasn't too thick nor dry and the only issue is that I couldn't eat it all, even though I gave it a good go!

the cottage loaf llandudno gourmet burger

As Matt's gourmet burger was placed onto the table in front of us, my jaw dropped. It had a thick burger, bacon, cheese, onion rings, salad, basically everything you could ever imagine on a burger! It was the same height as the ketchup bottle on the table and he had to take off the onion rings to attempt to eat it. The night before, we had visited The Tribells and he really enjoyed that so when he said that The Cottage Loaf topped that, I knew they'd definitely done well by both of us. There was slightly too much coleslaw but better too much than not enough, right?

the cottage loaf llandudno sky window roof thing

Along with the brilliant food and great service, our table was right beneath this glass roofing window which was absolutely breathtaking. It just looked so beautiful I couldn't resist taking a picture and sharing it with you guys. Overall, I would recommend The Cottage Loaf to anyone and quote me when I say this, a trip to Llandudno wouldn't be complete for me without a visit here.

Have you ever been to The Cottage Loaf in Llandudno? Are you planning on visiting soon?

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