Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Wilton Hotel: Llandudno


Over the weekend, myself and Matt decided to take trip down to Llandudno for a few days just to have a break away from work and the daily stresses of life. We visited loads of cool places for food and walks and you can find out all about those places on my blog! During this blog post, I'm dedicating it all to the B&B we stayed in - The Wilton

The Wilton Hotel, The Room

The Wilton Hotel Llandudno room

First of all, I'm starting off with the room. When we first arrived, the weather was really overcast and not the nicest so arriving in the hotel was well appreciated. We booked the room a few months earlier via and due to this, we couldn't choose a specific room. As there is no lift, we wanted a room on a lower floor to make it easier to bring in bags so I emailed the hotel a few days before and requested room 1. When we were given the keys to room 1 I was incredibly happy but if you wish to choose a specific room, booking through them direct gives you the opportunity to request a specific room to ensure you get it. 

Llandudno The Wilton Hotel B&B

In Llandudno, it's not the easiest of places to find a car parking space. Outside the hotel there were a few public parking spaces, however they were all full. The owner of the hotel kindly alerted us when a space was free so we could move the car around, then he gave us a parking pass so we wouldn't have to pay for parking all weekend (that would have been expensive...). After moving the car, we unpacked in our beautiful room and there was a little shelf with a kettle, mugs, milk, tea and coffee so we could make our own drinks. My favourite addition to this shelf was the chocolate chip cookies.

The Wilton Hotel, The Breakfast

Llandudno The Wilton Hotel B&B

Each morning, breakfast began at 8:15am, so of course we were the first downstairs! We chose our table in the dining room and was immediately welcomed with offers of tea and coffee and a huge table with cereals, yoghurt, fruit and other yummy goodies to start off breakfast! 

Llandudno The Wilton Hotel B&B
Llandudno The Wilton Hotel B&B

Once our hot drinks were brought over to us, we got to order our hot breakfast meal and of course - we both chose the full English breakfast. It tasted super good but it had one little disappoint... No beans? Cooked breakfasts always need beans, but other than that I literally cannot complain. For people who know me, I usually ALWAYS find something to complain about somehow, haha! P.s. I requested no egg or fried bread, otherwise you do get them.

Llandudno The Wilton Hotel B&B Breakfast
Llandudno The Wilton Hotel B&B menu

Our stay at The Wilton hotel was a truly positive experience and this four star B&B will remain on my recommendation list. I would happily go back again and I believe guests will always be extremely satisfied by the treatment they received during their stay! 

Have you ever visited The Wilton in Llandudno?

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