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The New Inn: Dyserth

the new inn dyserth

Travelling back from Llandudno after our weekend away, a last minute decision ended in us turning down a road to nowhere for a trip to Dyserth Falls. This remote spot in wales has been one of my favourite places to visit for as long as I can remember and the first time I visited, I fell in love. Even better, a little pub is located there called The New Inn and we decided to get some dinner there just after a nice walk around the waterfall. So, what was the food like?

Beer Garden and Menu

the new inn Dyserth pub menu

Upon arrival of The New Inn, we got some drinks and sat in their beer garden for a little while as the weather was warm and dare I say, almost perfect. The image I've used at the top of this post is a shot of part of the nicely designed beer garden. There's a combination of normal outdoor wooden tables along with a row of circular cave-style tables at the back which really finished off the look and made it look really cool.

After finishing our drinks, we went inside to find a table to get some food. We were given a menu which had been printed on the day with all of the day's specials. Of course, because it was a Sunday I decided to order the lamb roast. The food came rather quickly and when it was brought to the table, I think I got a little bit overly excited (I was very hungry).


The New Inn Dyserth lamb roast meal

I was really pleased with the size of the portions as some places you go to only give you a small amount of each thing. The welsh lamb was tender and extremely flavoursome, the stuffing, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding were nice, but I had one little complaint... 
Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I absolutely despise any food which has a creamy texture, dairy or weird sauce. I hate eating dairy products unless it's hard cheeses or ice cream, just the thought of anything else makes me gag. Any foods which look slimy such as custard, salad cream, mayonnaise, soft cheeses, lasagna due to the cheesy sauce etc. genuinely make me feel sick if I see them and the thought of eating them can sometimes even trigger a panic attack. You probably get the gist so I'm going to continue about the food.
The cabbage was covered in a strange slimy sauce-like substance, I have no clue what it was. Whether it was cheese or something else I had no idea, all I know is that it kind of destroyed my enjoyment of the meal. I was unable to bring myself to eat the cabbage and seeing it on my plate really put me off so I had to scrape it off into my napkin. However, I must state that the only reason  I couldn't eat it was purely because of personal preference and Matt really enjoyed his so there was probably nothing wrong with it, I just couldn't eat it. On a positive note, the rest of the meal was lovely.

The New Inn: Overview

Overall. visiting The New Inn in Dyserth was a great experience and eating so close to a waterfall around some breathtaking views was lovely. I would definitely recommend a visit to this remote Welsh location at least once in your life to spend some time in nature with the fresh air, you won't regret it. There's no doubt about it that I'll be going back at some point soon - probably in summer!

Have you ever visited The New Inn in Dyserth

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