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Directions Rose Red Hair Dye

Directions Rose Red Hair Dye

A few weeks back just before my weekend away, I decided to try out a new hair dye and see how bright I could get my unbleached, dark brown hair. After reading up online, the most recommended brand was La Riche Directions so I ordered a colour kit online in colour 'Rose Red'. I had a very different experience with this hair dye from other ones which I have used so thought I would provide a little review on it! Read on to find out more...

directions rose red hair dye


When the colour kit arrived, it contained one pot of the hair colour, a brush to apply it with and three bottles. The bottles contained a pre-colour shampoo, colour protecting shampoo and colour protecting conditioner. At first, I was quite worried that one pot of colour wouldn't be enough for my hair which is just past my shoulders but a little definitely goes a long way!

directions rose red hair dye

At first glance, the colour in the pot looks extremely dark which made me concerned that it wouldn't give my hair the bold pink effect that I was aiming for. However, once my hair was covered, I looked very, very pink. My mum did everything for me because I'm messy and a downside to this dye was how messy it still was. Some was dripped onto my legs, face and ears and my mum had some on her hands from removing the gloves and usually we get it off quickly and easily with soap and water, but not this time. We tried sticky stuff remover, soaps and a variety of other things to remove it from our skin but failed miserably. After numerous attempts, we gave up and decided to wash out the hair dye first.

Directions rose red hair dye


As with most hair dyes, the instructions said to rinse out the dye until the water runs clear. We spent around 20 minutes rinsing but the water will still running quite pink so we began with the washing process. Starting with the colour protecting shampoo, this stuff was literally amazing. It made the water run so much clearer in a matter of minutes and not only that - it was the only thing that worked to wash off the excess colour from skin! Following with the colour protecting conditioner, in a short amount of time my hair was ready to be dried and styled.

Directions Rose Red Hair Dye after dyeing

This is the final colour result and it went lighter at the bottom as my hair had naturally decided to start growing through darker recently but this gave a nice ombre effect I was really happy with. Sadly, within 3 days after colouring without washing my hair, the colour had faded and turned into a purple shade. It also left pink residue on everything including my white pillowcase, my towel after washing my hair, my clothes etc. Three weeks later, my hair went almost back to normal and had a subtle pink tint left at the ends which look quite nice, its just a shame it's such a messy dye to use. Our white shower handle is still stained slightly pink from rinsing and we haven't found a way to remove it yet and some of my clothes are still pink but overall, I was impressed with the colour result directly after dying!

Overall, I think I would use La Riche Directions hair dye again because of the colour result, just not as often as I would with cleaner brands. however there was an awful lot of downsides to it. If you're looking for a vegan, cruelty-free hair dye I would definitely recommend and Rose Red is a lovely colour. Maybe I should try a different shade next time?

Have you tried any of the La Riche Directions hair dye yet?

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