Monday, 28 March 2016

Losing a Pet: RIP Smudge

cute brown bunny

March has been incredibly eventful and heartbreaking and unfortunately I haven't had much time to blog. On Tuesday 8th March 2016, my beloved fur baby Smudge was put to sleep due to his health deteriorating overnight, causing him to be weak and unable to stand up. Myself and my mum knew which decision was best for Smudge but it didn't make it any easier...

RIP Smudge the Bunny

After this awful event in the morning, I went into work feeling incredibly down but luckily I have amazing colleagues who never fail to cheer me up (thank you guys!). They took me for a trip to McDonald's on our lunch break and did their very best to help however they could, I seriously appreciate it.

Once I got home from work, my dad had dug a hole, I wrapped him in his favourite blanket and we had a funeral, it was full of tears from the whole family and he will be truly missed. Even though it was an incredibly tough time, Smudge was loved dearly by everybody who met him and all I can do is thank the world for giving me the opportunity to be blessed by him every day of his life from 6 weeks old. 

cute sleepy brown bunny

He was gentle, cuddly, greedy and incredibly soft and fluffy and loved eating liquorice, veg and especially little rabbit chocolates. He didn't have a single aggressive bone in his body, never bit anybody and I was able to feed him even the smallest of treats out of the palm of my hand. I will miss taking you for walks on your little ferret harness because you were too small for any other lead and cuddling up to you.

You have been and will be missed everyday... I hope you're enjoying all the golden carrots you can get in bunny heaven...

RIP Smudge



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