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March 2016: Dechox Challenge

March 2016: Dechox Challenge

Update: You can no longer donate to my JustGiving Page for the Dechox Challenge.

This March, I'm going to be taking part in the 'Dechox Challenge' to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. This means that I can't enjoy any form of my significant other (aka chocolate). No chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolates etc. for the entirety of March. Everything with any form of chocolate in it must be avoided and this is going to be difficult, especially considering chocolate is a staple food from my diet. I decided to write this post just to explain in a little bit of detail why I chose to take part, also how to sponsor me if you're feeling generous enough! 

Why I'm Taking Part

Some of you may know already that myself, my best friend and my family have needed a lot of support from the NHS cardiology centres in the past few years and if it wasn't for charities such as the British Heart Foundation, my family could have been seriously affected. My best friend who suffers with a heart condition would have also been affected too, so for me to not take part would be insane. I always wanted to raise money for a charity such as the British Heart Foundation but I never knew what would be a sufficient fundraising activity. When I heard about the Dechox challenge I just knew that I had to take part, taking in to consideration that my breakfast is usually some form of chocolate all week! It's not going to be easy to chuck the choccy but to raise money will be incredibly worth it!

How To Donate

If you wish to sponsor me for my Dechox challenge, there are 3 ways to do so. Firstly, you could click on this link here to donate, you can either use your card details or PayPal. Secondly, you can send a text to 70070 with my unique code "DSGO82" followed by the amount you wish to donate. For example, if you were to donate £1, you would text like this;

Dechox Challenge 2016 donate

The money would then be automatically taken from your phone credit or added onto your next phone bill, easy!

The final way to donate is for anyone who doesn't wish to use any of the above methods for whichever reason. If you wish to sponsor me this final way, it's a simple case of giving the cash directly to myself or one of my parents to then add to the donation funds ourselves! If you wish to donate but can't, why not take part in the challenge too? I hope you can all support me through the next month and help me raise money for this amazing charity!

Thank You


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